Postcard created 2008 by Revd Graham Brown of Barnado's Postcard created 2006 by Karen Aveyard of Hiscox Postcard created 2008 by Jaspreet Ottal of Barnett Waddingham Postcard created 2009 by Tim O'Connor of Wiltshire Council

In 2003 we first asked pensions professionals for their perspective on the current state of UK pensions — the only stipulation being that they constrained their reply to the back of a postcard.

The response exceeded all expectations, both in number and ingenuity. The format of the competition clearly evokes thought-provoking and apposite insights!

This website applauds and thanks all our contributors for their efforts. It showcases to a wider audience the wealth of creativity and humour that exists among our professional colleagues.

Simon Freeman
Pendragon Managing Director